Steve Trader
President / CEO

Tim Kincaid 
Chief Strategy Officer

Sharon McNeal
Executive Director of Development / Marketing & Communications 

Diane Swanson
Vice-President of Programs

Shawn Blankenship
Director of Digital Care Development

Gregg Fischer
 Director of Curriculum

Dr. Sheila Cornea
Global Accreditation Consultant 

Calista Laws
Exec. Assistant to President / CEO 

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Annmarie Taylor
Systems Manager

Hannah Trader
Fund Development & Outreach

Jacobus Nomdoe
Africa Regional Director

Jim & Kathie Lowans
Asia Pacific Regional Directors

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Barbara Howell
Administrative Assistant

Norbert & Patricia Schenhals
Latin America
Regional Directors

José & Nelly Martinez
Caribbean & Mexico
Regional Directors

Tom Bremer
Europe Regional Director

Gary Blackard
North America - USA
Co-Regional Director


Bernie & Cathy Gillott
Global Evangelism Coordinators

Steve Paulson
North America - Canada
Co-Regional Director

Sensitive Nation
Northern Asia Region

Sensitive Nation
Southern Asia Region