Jerry Nance

Steve Trader
Chief Executive Officer

Tim Kincaid 
Chief Strategy Officer

Sharon McNeal
Executive Director of Development/Marketing & Communications 

Diane Swanson
Vice President of Programs

Shawn Blankenship
Director of Digital Care Development

Gregg Fischer
 Director of Curriculum

Ben Peek
Director of Finance

Sherri Foarde
        Marketing Communications         Project Coordinator

Dr. Sheila Cornea
Global Accreditation Consultant 

Hannah Trader
Marketing Communications Project Coordinator

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Annmarie Taylor
Systems Manager

Calista Laws
Executive Assistant to CEO 

Jacobus Nomdoe
Africa Regional Director

Jim & Kathie Lowans
Asia Pacific Regional Directors

Ilya Bantseev
Eurasia Regional Director

Tom Bremer
Europe Regional Director

Norbert & Patricia Schenhals
Latin America
Regional Directors

José & Nelly Martinez
Mexico & Caribbean
Regional Directors

Steve Paulson
North America - Canada
Co-Regional Director

Gary Blackard
North America - USA
Co-Regional Director


Bernie & Cathy Gillott
Global Evangelism Coordinators

Doug & Kelley Samuelson
Northern Asia Regional Directors