Addiction is a complex problem requiring creative solutions. We employ a unique and proven solution at each of our locations where there is a problem with drugs, alcohol, or other life-controlling issues. Cultural norms, community needs, and local support help us determine which programs will effect the most change. There is a solution for every person seeking help.


Drug Prevention

Presentations to educate students on drug and alcohol abuse and its consequences.

Crisis Services

People suffering from addiction find support in a warm, caring environment and receive personalized education, faith-based counseling, and life-skills training.

Recovery Services

Concerned friends and family members are encouraged as their loved one receives an opportunity for a cure.


Education & Advancement

Graduates find freedom from drug use, enjoy restored relationships with loved ones, and pursue a healthy and productive life

Community Outreach

Aspiring leaders receive training to open new centers and encourage greater outreach to thousands more hurting and broken lives.

Youth & Family Services

Clients meet Jesus and discover life-transforming hope, strength, and purpose through a personal relationship with Him.