In the Midst of War: Faith & Prayer Gets Real

Keep praying! Intercessory prayers from all over the world are being answered. Continue to stand in faith, believing God for protection and provision. The faith of the people who are in the middle of everything is strong, even among the confusion and chaos being left in the wake of war.


The Stories are Real

A group of teenage girls and young women, thinking they were being transported to safety at the Ukraine-Russia border, were in reality being kidnapped into sex trafficking. As they sat in the van, relieved to be there, the Holy Spirit revealed what was really happening and they began to scream so loudly that the driver stopped and opened the door. Their lives were saved before it was too late! There are other stories of women and children being miraculously rescued from bombed buildings in their cities, including a toddler, who survived a bomb that exploded next to her.

“The refugees have poured into our Teen Challenge Centers throughout Romania,” stated TC Romania Director, Catalin. “And we have welcomed them with open arms, providing them with food and shelter.” In a moment of reprieve, a little girl named Alana celebrated her 3rd birthday among her new friends in the safety of one of the centers. Her smile brightened the worried faces of those in the room and, for a moment, all was right in the world.


"Giving Your All" is Important

Vasily is a servant of Jesus Christ. In another life that now seems far away, he was an addict. His days were spent flying high on drugs until he found his way to the Ukraine Teen Challenge Coffee House and Rehab Center. That’s where Jesus was waiting for him. That’s where he said, “My life is yours Lord, use me for your glory and my good.”

He used to hold his next hit in his hands. Then he held a mug of coffee and his Bible as he shared the Gospel with others at the Coffee House who were fighting for their lives with the Word of God. Today he holds a rifle and, more tightly than ever, his Bible as he shares Truth among those who, side-by-side, are defending their country.

TC Netherlands has donated their thrift store’s van filled with supplies to TC Romania. The van is a tremendous help for transporting refugees and supplies. Adds Catalin, “This is what breaks my heart. Imagine us saying goodbye to our wives and children, knowing that we have a slim

chance in seeing them again. That’s why I am committed to use all of my connections to transport as many refugees as possible. It doesn’t matter how much it costs. Lives are at stake.”

At the same time, TC students, staff, and friends have lost their lives. Four young people, one of whom was a regular in the Kyiv Coffee House, were recently out on a mercy run for much needed food in Bucha (a city near Kyiv). All four were shot and killed while delivering the food supplies to families. While we grieve, we also remember that “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13).


The Tremendous Need is Real

Global Teen Challenge has become a pipeline for Ukraine and the bordering nations. We have been able to funnel funds into Ukraine, Romania, Poland, and others. Besides the giving from people like you, TC centers & programs have been pooling their resources — Teen Challenge Ghana raised $1,000 to send to our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

Your financial help is appreciated as we continue to do what we can believing that every dollar counts.


To send a check, mail to the address below. Designate your donation as “TC Eastern Europe.”

Global Teen Challenge
P.O. Box 511
Columbus, GA 31902

This is a real fight that we are in together. You. Me. Everyone. Have faith… pray… and send financial support. It’s making a difference.

Never Look Back

Mark was trapped in the dark world of gangsterism and addiction. Because of this, he was known as the “gemorse” in his African neighborhood, which means the “filth of the area.”

Joining the gang first at the age of 14, drugs soon followed. He was a very active member, selling drugs to generate income, hurting people, and destroying families in his wake. He ended up being kicked out of his mother’s house, in part because police were constantly raiding her house in search of guns and ammunition he may have been hiding there.

Now on the streets with nowhere to go, Mark began to lose all hope and wanted to give up on life itself. Encountering his mother one day, she said “Just look at yourself. The police are still looking for you, you know.” He realized he had no alternative other than to keep running or die so, with his mother beside him, Mark went to the police station to turn himself in. However, when they arrived and gave his name and address, there was no record in the system, not even the address of his mother’s house!

mark before
mark after

Surprised and unsure of what to do next, they left the police station and for the first time, Mark admitted out loud that he needed help. His mother said she knew of a rehab place to take him to, but on the way to the local train station, he saw a board advertisement for Teen Challenge. Not knowing yet it was the Holy Spirit leading him, he felt a strong push to call the phone number. That very same day he was accepted into the program and Mark traveled to the center in Pretoria. He didn’t yet understand that God had a plan for his life, nor that he would never be the same again.

“I gave my heart to the Lord and have not looked back for even a second,” Mark said, grinning. “The Lord showed me that even in all I went through and all that I did, He was with me, and He’s used it to build me to be the man that I am today.”

Happily married, Mark has two beautiful daughters and is now the current Centre Manager of the Teen Challenge in Pretoria. “I have the love of the Lord inside me for everyone and if the Lord can do it for me, he can do it for you. Go to Him and don’t look back.”

"Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear."

God Sent Me a Rescue Plan

It was a cold winter morning in the middle of the COVID pandemic when I reached the front door of Teen Challenge Ukraine. I was cold, frightened and had nowhere else to turn for help. But God knew. He knew right where to lead me to receive help for my addiction and salvation for my soul.

Definition of Myself
My name is Oksana. I am the mother of two children (a boy and a girl). I have been a widow for the past three years when my husband passed away. And I was addicted to alcohol. I started drinking right after my husband died and I couldn’t find a job because of the quarantine. We ended up moving in with my mother, but she grew tired of supporting us. At the same time, I learned that I could


lose my children and be deprived of my parental rights if I didn’t find a way to support us. I don’t think I have ever been as scared as I was right then.

God Sent Me a Rescue Plan
I arrived at the door of Teen Challenge Ukraine unaware of what lay before me (an open door to healing of body and spirit). TC Ukraine is a women’s and children center built by the generosity of donors from around the world in order to reach us women here in Ukraine. At first it was hard for me because I resisted everything that was offered. But God did not give up on me. He was very patient with me as I took those first few steps in praying and reading Scripture. God became alive to me! I realized that He had a plan for my life. That He forgave me of my sins. And that He loved me no matter what I had done in my past.

Teen Challenge Ukraine
In addition to serving women, TC Ukraine also is actively conducting a mercy ministry, where we feed the homeless. I and the other women in our center (home) get to take part in this ministry. It is good for the soul when you are able to help others who are less fortunate than yourself. It’s not been easy for me and my children, but God is strong in our lives now and He sees us through whatever comes.



Ice Skating Fundraiser

Grand Prix Ice Skating Distance Tour will be held on the Gulf of Bothnia. Krijn Donk will participate in the 200km, and daughters Esther and Marieke the 75 km tour as a fundraiser for the TC men’s center in Moldova. The center’s building renovation is on its last lap and the skating team wants to help them cross the finish line.



New Centers

The Latin America region continues to grow with a new women with children’s center in Guatemala (pictured), a men’s center in Panama and the first women’s center in Costa Rica.



Beehive Contest Results

In our last newsletter, we wrote about Teen Challenge Winiarczykowka’s invitation to the local school children to paint the beehives used for micro-business. Here are the winning results!

Let Me Tell You

'Bout My Jesus

My Name is Phon, and I am from Laos...

My country is in Southeast Asia and is bordered by Myanmar and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the southeast, and Thailand to the west and southwest.

I used to be a drug addict using Metham-phetamine, commonly known on the streets as Yaa Baa, which means “crazy drug.” You don’t want to get hooked on Yaa Baa, because it will make you go crazy… or worse!

I had started hanging with a crowd and they introduced me to Yaa Baa. I went big time crazy! I yelled at my family all the time and ended up stealing from them. When they couldn’t stand my abusive, crazy behavior any longer, they contacted the Teen Challenge (TC) Men’s Center close by to help me.

Not long after I came to TC, I began hearing ‘bout this guy they called Jesus. They said He could save me and heal me from the effects of Yaa Baa if I would just turn my life over to Him. I could hardly believe it was true but I did and it happened just like they said it would. Now I’m free from drugs and back to being the “real” me. No more crazy! Now I’m learning and growing, getting to know Jesus, and am excited about what He’s going to do with me next.



from Our President

Like the rest of the world, Global Teen Challenge has its eyes turned toward Ukraine, Russia, and the neighboring countries. We stay in contact with our TC family in those regions and have partnered with them in prayer and through your giving, financial and personal support. Please join us as we continue to press forward in sending vital resources.

Pray for the loved ones of students and staff who have been displaced, injured or killed in the conflict and, of course, for all who have been affected.

The TC Europe region has been incredible. Centers in Romania, Poland, and others are housing refugees from the centers in Ukraine. The tension and confusion for our TC family in Russia continues to worsen. We have been unable to get support directly to them, but are working through other channels to assist in providing what’s needed.

In this issue you will discover stories of hope, including one from Ukraine, as well as additional updates from the frontlines of war.

Steve Trader
President / CEO

Microsoft Word - Steve - plaid shirt.docx

Zephaniah 3:16-17a

“On that day they will say to Jerusalem, ‘Do not fear, Zion; do not let your hands hang limp.
The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.’”

Pray for Ukraine


• Most centers are still operating, along with four coffee houses.

• It is getting harder to evacuate because of the danger of being shot.

• The green corridors are not a safe zone as promised.

• Teen Challenge staff and students have lost their lives due to this conflict.

• Some cities are now completely closed.


• Teen Challenge in surrounding countries who are providing housing, transport and goods

• Continuous protection

• Salvation opportunities during this spiritual open door

• Continued provision for the Teen Challenge centers, staff, and students

friend_text copy

Addiction does not discriminate. Over 270 million people struggle with a life-controlling issue. Boys, girls, men, and women around the globe are looking for hope.

We have immediate opportunities for Teen Challenge programs in 33 unreached nations, but need your support. The average cost to start a program is $50,000. Would you or your church prayerfully consider adopting one of these nations?

Every country has unique challenges. Your support will help secure property, start new programs, renovate, expand, develop leaders, or create a sustainable micro-enterprise.

The needs vary from region to region, but the cry for help  remains the same in every nation. Thank you for helping put hope within reach around the world.


Putting HOPE Within Reach of Every Person Struggling with Addiction.


Pray for those struggling with
life-controlling addictions.

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